Omaha, Nebraska is home to just over 1-million thinkers and doers. Here, the Missouri River steadily winds its way through the region and history dots every intersection. Within the city is a new development, where Ovation Heartland Preserve will live, connect with local schools, hospitals, and other organizations, and offer residents a unique, refined, and relaxing place to find care, compassion, and safety.

Heartwood Preserve is a west-side, 500-acre, planned development that’s being filled with shopping, dining, entertainment, and family homes. Residents will find a pedestrian bridge that links them with shopping as well as 10-miles of walking and biking trails, a scenic water feature, and plenty to see and do.

  • Dining
  • Shopping
  • Groceries
  • Recreation
  • Local Schools
  • Family Homes
  • Churches