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Omaha Memory Care

In addition to our traditional memory care community, Ovation Heartwood Preserve is excited to announce the opening of Meadowlark, their women-only memory care neighborhood.

Caring for a parent or loved one with dementia can be overwhelming. You might be concerned about their safety, wishing they were more engaged and exhausted from trying to provide the best possible daily experience.

At Ovation Heartwood Preserve, you can count on our memory care community to offer a secure and enriching daily life for your family member or friend living with dementia. Our Ovation Connections™ Memory Care program delivers safe and compassionate support in two distinct neighborhoods, enabling residents to thrive, enjoy day-to-day living, stimulate their mental and physical well-being and encourage socialization.

What Is Memory Care?

Memory care is a specialized form of residential housing that we offer at Ovation Heartwood Preserve in Omaha, Nebraska. The Ovation Connections™ Memory Care program is staffed by caring professionals who are skilled in providing compassionate support to residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Our location in Heartwood Preserve offers many stimulating options for residents in our memory care neighborhood to enjoy.

Memory Care Services in Omaha, NE

Our team of caring experts, including certified dementia practitioners, are specifically trained in Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia and take the time to learn the history of each new resident to foster a nurturing relationship. We put an emphasis on person-centered support through consistent schedules, engaging programs, creating connections and utilizing communication tools.

Our two memory care neighborhoods – Cottonwood and Meadowlark – allows you to choose which community best fits your family member. Whether they move into our men and women neighborhood, Cottonwood, or our women-only neighborhood, Meadowlark, they will be surrounded by a team of caring experts.

Team members offer assistance with daily tasks as needed, such as grooming, bathing, or eating. As residents’ needs increase, our support grows accordingly and we customize care to their needs. We believe that offering the right amount of support allows residents to be as independent as possible.
Residents have access to several first-class amenities within the community.

At Ovation Heartwood Preserve, each person enjoys:

  • Friendly team members who are always available to offer support when needed
  • A regular, rotating calendar of social programs with friends and neighbors
  • Therapeutic programs and activities designed for cognitive enrichment
  • Floor plans and apartment features that meet the needs of memory care residents
  • State-of-the-art smart-home technology that automates lighting, temperature settings and more
  • Circadian lighting throughout common spaces and hallways which changes based on time of day to assist with sundowning and other confusion with time of day
  • Meal planning according to nutritional guidelines for individuals living with dementia
  • Individualized access to medical support, such as medication assistance, wellness checks and physical therapy
  • Weekly housekeeping and daily bed making
  • Bright living spaces
  • Secured courtyards offering beautiful grounds to walk and enjoy the peace of nature
  • 24/7 monitoring and an emergency response system in each apartment home

To learn more about our memory care services at Ovation Heartwood Preserve, contact us online or give our Omaha community a call at 402-235-4446 today.

Memory Care Therapy & Programs for Seniors in Omaha

Specialized programs are the cornerstones of memory care, as they are designed to stimulate the brain, encourage social interaction, reduce anxiety and inspire feelings of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Residents living with memory impairments require personalized care and purpose-filled opportunities. The Life Enrichment Director focuses on discovering residents’ passions, hobbies and work experiences, allowing for personalization and engagement.

Tactile Therapy

Holding certain items, such as a Christmas ornament or familiar object, can have a soothing, therapeutic effect on seniors living with memory (or cognitive) challenges. Activities, such as putting puzzles together or using sensory boxes, combat boredom to reduce anxiety and restlessness.

Art Therapy

Painting, drawing and crafting are fun, but they also give residents an opportunity to exercise their motor skills by using a paintbrush, folding and gluing paper or drawing a design. Simply looking at art can have a therapeutic effect by giving residents a chance to express themselves.


Interacting with pets can help reduce the effects of dementia, such as anxiety, depression, agitation, aggression, irritability and loneliness, according to Alzheimer’s Disease Research.

Aroma Connections

Smelling certain essential oils, such as lavender, bergamot and lemon, can help reduce aggression and agitation.

Group Activities

Isolation is a concern for people living with memory challenges and impairments. Attending group activities, such as celebrating informal holidays, provide opportunities for residents to connect.

Music Therapy

Listening to or participating in music can lower stress levels, enhance memory, and reduce agitation; it involves playing music on a record player or other device, playing an instrument, singing or engaging in music classes.

Cost of Memory Care in Omaha

The cost of memory care depends on the range of services offered. Overall, memory care is one of the most personalized levels of care, including a specialized team, individualized care programs, floor plans designed for memory care residents, dementia-specific enrichment programs and 24/7 monitoring.

What Is Included in the Monthly Fee?

Our Ovation Connections™ Memory Care neighborhoods have a monthly fee with additional fees for personalized care that meets the needs of Ovation residents living with dementia and creates the best possible daily living experience. In addition to our dementia-specific team, programs and features, all memory care residents have a personalized care plan to include:

  • Assistance with daily tasks, including grooming, bathing, dressing, medication administration or eating
  • Medical support as needed
  • Emergency response system in each apartment with smart-home technology
  • Chef-prepared meals in Lorraine’s with table service; snacks and beverages are available 24/7. Interactive preparation that includes resident participation.
  • Cultural, educational and entertainment experiences
  • Beauty and Barber Parlor
  • Full fitness center with equipment and exercise physiologist
  • Scheduled transportation
  • All utilities, except telephone
  • Cable and WiFi
  • Ovation Connect technology
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Daily Trash removal

Omaha Memory Care Apartments

Our memory care apartments are designed to keep dementia residents safe and comfortable, with accessible floor plans, spacious areas and important safety features.

Every apartment has smart-home technology that automates lighting, temperature settings and more. Motion detectors and an emergency response system also protect residents in case help is needed.

Our goal is for residents to feel empowered, joyful, and secure as they live their best lives with dementia. Right from their doorstep, residents can connect with friends, engage in daily programs and enjoy being part of the community.

The Value of Memory Care vs At-Home Care

The value of memory care isn’t just financial. Though you’ll get best-in-class memory care services with your monthly and service plan fees — including dining, individualized care, multi-sensory experiences, activities, cognitive-enhancing programs and 24/7 monitoring — you’ll also have the peace of mind that your family member is safe and thriving.

In-home help may be an option you are considering, but your family member or friend living with dementia may require a more secure environment where their physical, cognitive, emotional and social needs are met. In fact, you may already be struggling with caregiver burnout and are worried about the declining health of your family member or even yourself.

Ultimately, memory care is an investment in your family member’s daily well-being — as well as yours as a caregiver.

When Is the Right Time for Memory Care?

Knowing when to move to a memory care community is as important as knowing where to move. Certain signs may indicate that it is time for memory care. These signs may include:

  • Wandering off repeatedly. Six in ten people with dementia will wander at least once, according to the Alzheimer’s Association, and many with memory impairment will wander repeatedly.
  • Family members worrying about their loved one’s safety. Many people with dementia are prone to falling.
  • Isolation or loneliness. These struggles go hand-in-hand with memory impairment.
  • Caregiver burnout, strain and poor health
  • Unexplained physical changes. People living with dementia often experience changes in their gait and posture, increased or decreased physical movements due to wandering and even changes in facial expressions.
  • Agitation or behavioral changes
  • Neglecting personal care or finances
  • Subpar living conditions

If one or more of these situations apply, your family member may benefit from becoming a part of our memory care community, providing you with the peace of mind that you and your family member deserve.

How To Talk to Your Family Member About Memory Care

The subject of memory care can be challenging to approach, especially if your parent or loved one forgets certain aspects of previous conversations. The best way to begin is to receive the support of family members who may be involved in the decision. Practice active listening — an approach to communication that assures you are considering their feelings.

We recommend visiting a memory care community before talking with your family member. The team members at Ovation Heartwood Preserve memory care community can provide you with helpful information, answer your questions and give you an on-site tour. During the visit to our Omaha memory care community, you can ask questions and familiarize yourself with any services, amenities and programs that might have particular benefits or interests to your family member.

Becoming a Memory Care Resident in Omaha

If you believe your parent or loved one may need memory care support, you can schedule a personal visit to get to know our community at Ovation Heartwood Preserve. From there, we’ll discuss your family member’s needs and preferences, help you reserve an apartment and more.

Omaha Memory Care FAQs

What’s the difference between memory care and assisted living?

Assisted living is for seniors who require extra help with daily tasks, such as bathing, dressing and eating. Typically, residents receive assistance a few times a day but otherwise enjoy their days pursuing their interests and making the most of upscale on-site amenities.
In contrast, residents living with memory loss will need more care and assistance. In addition to a suite of other amenities and services, it’s common for memory care programs to offer services such as specialized team, dementia-friendly enrichment activities, specifically designed floor plans, 24/7 security monitoring and more.

 Does Medicare cover the costs of memory care?

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover the cost of residential stays in a memory care community. Medicare coverage for Alzheimer’s or dementia patients relates to in-patient hospital care and, in some cases, doctor’s bills. Call our office at 402-235-4446, and let us help you discover your options.

Does your community have an open-door policy for family members?

Yes, our doors are always open to family and friends. That said, we believe visits are most beneficial to dementia residents at certain times of day, so we encourage visitors to schedule your visit at the best time for your family member.

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