Carol Wait - Omaha, Nebraska
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Carol Wait

Carol Wait started her healthcare career as a registered nurse in 1996. Since then, she’s helped people in home health, acute care, assisted living facilities, and an emergency room. As a rehabilitation orthopedic nurse and later as a lead nurse, she quickly excelled at the administrative side of the job, including a time as a subject matter expert on a medical-surgical floor with Bellevue Medical Center. When life took a slight, unexpected detour, she took on the role of Director of Nursing at an Assisted Living community and has worked in the industry ever since.

As a Certified Dementia Practitioner, she enjoys educating and being there for the people she serves, which means she’ll fit right in at Ovation.

“I really love working with memory care residents and their families,” Carol said when asked about what gets her up in the morning and why she joined the Ovation team. “I wasn’t looking for a new job when I saw the ad. But the more I talked to the people here, it just felt right. Ovation is wonderful.”

Ovation Heartwood Preserve offers security for all residents, with added attention for those in memory care. Additionally, you’ll find wellness programs, multiple fine-dining options, as well as a tablet-based system that allows residents to stay in contact with friends and family from the comfort of their own home.

Carol is the mother of three wonderful adult children as well as two kids of the canine variety. She likes to travel with her husband, spend time with the grandchildren, and perfect her creative baking techniques in the form of cakes and pastries, which her husband and grandkids gladly taste-test.