Ginger Apprich - Omaha, Nebraska
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Ginger Apprich

Ginger Apprich has a passion for being early. It’s one of those traits that people really appreciate, especially in a Community Relations Director. This 20+ year industry veteran has seen and lived all over the world, thanks to her time in the Navy and marriage to a career United States Army colonel. During Operation Desert Storm, she found herself stationed in San Diego expertly tackling war-effort reporting duties for the Navy News this Week.

All of those moments, interactions, and experiences helped shape her into the caring person she is today and one of the many reasons she chose to join the Ovation team. According to Apprich, Ovation is the perfect mix of hospitality and care.

“It’s a brand new concept,” Apprich said when asked about Ovation. “It’s unique. We’re not a nursing home, but we’re not just an assisted or independent living community with memory care either. Residents deserve to enjoy life to the fullest, and we can help them do that with wellness, hospitality, and socialization.”

Ovation is a safe place to relax and enjoy a life well lived. Everything at Ovation Heartwood Preserve has been purpose-built to be a welcome and caring place for visitors as well as those who call this place home. Here, the Ovation team is continually poised to offer fitness options and beyond-the-ordinary nutrition, along with anything else residents need to feel at home.

Apprich loves the outdoors, including hiking, walking, training their new canine to be a therapy hospice dog, and spending time on the lake. This mother, and now active grandmother, enjoys all that life has to offer, including volunteer opportunities with hospice and at her church, as well as time with her family.