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The team at Ovation Sienna Hills is dedicated to creating an active adult lifestyle village during this new chapter of your life. We are committed to serving you and offering opportunities designed to inspire your individual interests and desires.

Tyler Johansen Independent Living Executive Director

Tyler Johansen is the Independent Living Executive Director at Ovation Sienna Hills.

Tyler grew up in a small town in central Utah. He worked on a turkey farm with his family, where he learned the value of hard work and dedication. Tyler also grew close to his family during those years and especially enjoyed working alongside his father. Tyler later received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Finance emphasis from Dixie State University. He has been serving Seniors since 2015 in Memory Care, Assisted Living, and Independent Living. He joined the Ovation team in October 2020. Tyler enjoys the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our customers and loves the Ovation mission to enhance their lives!

Tyler and his wife Sadee have three beautiful children. They enjoy anything outdoors, traveling, and sports.

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Colton Balmforth Assisted Living Executive Director

Colton Balmforth is the Assisted Living Executive Director at Ovation Sienna Hills. In 2017, Colton became one of the youngest members to ever join an association’s board of directors.

Some people know exactly what they want to be when they grow up. Usually, that journey meanders a bit, including a college degree, some time to find one’s self, and eventually falling into a position where those dreams can bloom into a career.

For Colton Balmforth, the journey toward his professional calling started when he was a teenager.

“I have always loved interacting with people who are older than me,” Colton said when asked about his chosen path. “Connecting with them is easier than connecting with people my own age.”

Because of that wonderful ability, Colton got a job working at the assisted living facility near his house in Salt Lake City, Utah when he was 16.

“That was the earliest I could start working legally,” he added with sincerity. “I started as a dishwasher and loved it. Especially interacting with the guests.”

While working at that facility, Colton received his Certified Nursing Assistant certification, finished high school, brushed up on his people skills (which had become legendary among the residents at the facility where he was employed), and also worked toward becoming an Eagle Scout.

“My final Eagle Scout project was the cleanup of a large campsite near Salt Lake. We sanded and stained tables, benches, and more.”

As a lifelong planner, Colton looked ahead and charted his course carefully. Over the next handful of years, he went on a mission to South Africa, attended Weber State University with a field of study in health administration, and then took on a position as an executive director at another community.

That’s when Colton’s attention to details and thorough preparation caught the eye of the Utah Assisted Living Association.

In 2017 Colton became one of the youngest members ever to join the association’s board of directors.

“I served a two-year term, and then was recently voted back on the board when another seat became available.”

With a mission to educate industry leaders on regulatory issues, rules, and best practices, Colton’s role on the board of directors helped hone his already impressive skillset and earn the attention of Ovation.

“At Ovation, we’re here to help enhance people’s lives,” he added. “That’s one of the things that impressed me about Ovation Sienna Hills.”

Accepting a position as Executive Director, Colton and his wife moved their two young children from their home in Salt Lake to St. George, where they’re starting their new lives with enthusiasm and a healthy dose of Colton’s contagious optimism.

“My wife is a nurse, so together we really are the complete caring package,” Colton added with a laugh. “I love everything Ovation stands for, including the culture that lives in everyone – from the CEO to the person cleaning dishes in the kitchen. I’ve never experienced such dedication and purpose from an organization before. Ovation is a wonderful, caring, active retirement community.”

Colton is already one of the stars at Ovation Sienna Hills. We, and the guests who call Ovation home, look forward to more of his preparation and planning in the years ahead.

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Riley Billings Memory Care Executive Director

Riley Billings is the Memory Care Executive Director at Ovation Sienna Hills. He received a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration from Weber State University.  As a child, he had first-hand experience watching his mother and grandmother as caregivers for his great- grandmother with severe dementia.  This fostered a desire to help others and he believes with dementia, countless opportunities to provide meaningful moments.

His passion is working with those with dementia, thus allowing family members to find relief from the strains of caregiving. Riley is nationally recognized as a Certified Dementia Practitioner by the NCCDP, and is continuing in his pursuit to educate on available resources. He continues his education in dementia through online courses and by acting as an ally to family members in need. His success is driven by integrity, compassion, and thriving as a team.

Riley grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with a climate much different from St. George. He and his wife Sariah are the proud parents of two sassy and beautiful little girls.  They enjoy warm weather activities such as hiking, biking, and swimming as well as traveling and DIY projects.

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Amberly Lindsay Director of Health Services

Amberly Lindsay is the Director of Health Services for Ovation Sienna Hills. She began her journey in the healthcare field as a CNA and soon after became a medical assistant working for family practice providers while she attended Dixie State College. A few years and a few babies later, Amberly entered her RN program and graduated at the top of her class, while being a mother to 4 small children. She was nominated by her peers to be the class representative speaker at their gradation ceremony.

Amberly began her nursing career working nights on a busy Medical/Oncology floor. After building a solid foundation, she was able to pursue her passion and transfer to the mother/Baby unit to provide care and education to new parents and their infants. Providing compassionate, gentle care and ensuring understanding and privacy were always priority. She enjoyed floating to new areas in the hospital and particularly loved the NICU and pediatric units.

Amberly found a new and unexpected love working with people inside of their own homes when she became a home health and hospice nurse. Using all the medical and surgical experience learned in her early nursing years, she was able to ensure her patients had the highest quality of care possible at home. Working closely with physicians, physical and occupational therapist, pharmacists, as well as her patient’s family members, she grew to love the elderly population and found she was very good at helping people thrive in their home setting. She will tell you that each of her patients healed a part of her heart while she was with them, getting to know them, and assisting them in their own healing processes.

When Amberly’s stepfather passed away from pancreatic cancer, she found herself better able to relate to and care for end-of-life patients and was able to share a deep connection to family members and grow strong relationships. She studied medications and therapies and became a resource for palliative care services. Everything Amberly does, she does 100% and being a hospice nurse was no exception to this.

Amberly loves going on adventures, laughing until her face hurts, and doing anything outdoors. She would like to live on a beach with 10 dogs and spend every moment possible in the sunshine with her babies. She is married to her high school sweetheart and hopes they end up holding hands and going for walks until they are at least 100.

She is so excited to be a part of the Ovation Community and share her strengths helping others thrive and grow!

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Emily Havens Community Relations Director

Emily Havens is the Community Relations Director for Ovation Sienna Hills. As a fierce believer in the importance of relationships, Emily is thrilled to help individuals join the Ovation Community and be rewarded for a life well lived.

Emily was raised in St. George and received her bachelor’s degree from Dixie State University. She spent her collegiate years in editor positions on the student newspaper. Emily spent three years at The Spectrum & Daily News, a USA Today Network newspaper, as a journalist covering diversity, elder abuse, the FLDS population, and much more. Emily has garnered several awards from the Associated Press, Utah Press Association, and Nevada Press Association.

In addition to her contributions to journalism and the digital marketing world, Emily is also a nonprofit chapter president for I Support the Girls.

As a natural-born leader, Emily believes power comes from within. With collaboration, networking, and just one good idea, she believes women can change the world.

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