Assisted Living

St. George Assisted Living Services

Ovation Sienna Hills assisted living in St. George, Utah offers the perfect solution for those who want to maintain their independence but would like a little assistance with daily activities. You can enjoy friendships with neighbors in a thriving community, while receiving as much or as little assistance as you need from our staff with activities for daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities for daily living (IADLs).

ADLs include such activities as:

  • Mobility: help with getting up and moving around
  • Bathing: assistance with washing your face and body in the shower or tub
  • Hygiene: help getting to and from the bathroom, using the bathroom and cleaning
  • Dressing: choosing clothes for the day, dressing and undressing, preparing for bed and brushing hair
  • Eating: assistance while eating daily meals

Ovation Sienna Hills can also assist with activities necessary for assisted living such as:

  • Housekeeping and home maintenance: weekly housekeeping to help you maintain a clean and neat apartment
  • Meal planning: menu planning assistance, traveling to the grocery store and grocery shopping
  • Cooking: meal preparation, such as cutting vegetables and cooking
  • Medications: transportation to the pharmacy, picking up medications and assistance taking them as directed
  • Recreational activities: help with making reservations and appointments, as well as transportation to activities

Ovation Sienna Hills aims to provide you with the right level of assistance that you need to stay active and connected to the things you love. Through dedication, experience, and a refined approach, Ovation Sienna Hills assisted living services redefines the standards of excellence in assisted living for seniors in the St. George, Utah area.


What is an assisted living facility?

The term “facility” is an outdated one. While the term is still frequently used, an assisted living facility is actually a community. The staff provides you the assistance you need to maintain an independent, active lifestyle. Additionally, you can enjoy the company of your neighbors, have your family visit (or you can visit them) and enjoy a vast array of organized activities.

What does assisted living provide?

The goal of assisted living is to help you maintain an independent, active lifestyle. Ovation Sienna Hills provides you with only the assistance you need, whether you need a lot or a little. We can help with things such as dressing, mobility, bathing, cooking, cleaning and more.

What is assisted living vs. a nursing home?

Assisted living communities and nursing homes are two very different concepts. With assisted living, community members maintain their independence. Staff provides help only when it’s needed. Residents have their own apartments, along with access to countless activities, and they can travel freely when and were they choose.

In nursing homes, residents have little privacy. Instead of an apartment, they have a room with a bed, and that room is often shared. The environment may resemble that of a hospital. These facilities are suited for those who need a significant amount of help with daily living and frequent medical attention.

Is a nursing home more expensive than assisted living?

On average, nursing homes are more expensive than assisted living communities. The average cost of a semi-private room in the United States is just under $7,000 per month, while the cost of a private room is nearly $7,700. Assisted living apartments, on the other hand, average about $4,000. While the cost varies based on location, assisted living is much more affordable than a nursing home.

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