Memory Care in St. George

At the Ovation Connections™ Memory Care program, our staff of experts are specially trained in Alzheimer’s and dementia to offer the best possible care through connections to those with memory impairments. We create individualized care plans for every resident and offer combined support services to empower residents’ physical, cognitive, emotional, and social health.

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  • Emergency Services
  • Physical Therapy
  • Medication Assistance
  • Meal Planning
  • Assistance with Daily Living (bathing, dressing, eating, hygiene, mobility)
  • Weekly Housekeeping and Bed Making
  • Schedule Transportation
  • Programming Through Ovation ConnectionsTM Memory Care

What Is Memory Care?

Memory care involves specialized care for those living with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. With an emphasis on comfort and support, residents can flourish with a range of programs and activities that provide cognitive stimulation, with social engagement and a more enriching daily life. At our Ovation Connections™ Memory Care center, we strive to support residents through caring, compassionate staff and stimulating activities that spark joy.


Memory Care Services in St. George

As conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease progress, people begin to need help completing their daily routines. A trained team of professionals assist residents with the parts of their day — including bathing, dressing, eating, and toileting and medication management — that they may need help with. We understand and respect the importance of independence, so we aim to offer just the right amount of support for each resident. We continually reassess to ensure we offer the appropriate level of support.

In addition, we believe in a holistic wellness model. At Ovation Sienna Hills, we offer our residents daily stimulations such as hobbies, programs, and visits to help keep them engaged. Cognitive stimulation, social interactions, physical activity, and medical support are vital aspects of life in the community. In addition, residents can access first-class services for memory care in St. George, including:

Help with daily activities: As needed, we assist residents in bathing, dressing, grooming, medication administration, enjoying nourishing meals, and exercising to maintain strength.

Active community calendar: Residents can explore hobbies like art and music, and they enjoy plenty of opportunities for social interaction and group activities.

Time to relax: The beautiful grounds are ideal for walks and enjoying nature, and activities like pet therapy visits offer fun stress relievers.

Fun, with purpose: A carefully curated roster of activities, like games and crafts, strengthen cognitive function.

Medical support: Certified staff dispenses medications, conducts wellness checks, and monitors each residents’ progress.

Meals, housekeeping, and more: Residents can enjoy delicious chef-prepared meals that follow nutritional guidelines, as well as housekeeping, laundry, and more.

Safety: Security is on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and each residence has a smart technology emergency response system.


To learn more about our memory care services at Ovation Sienna Hills, contact us online or give our St. George senior community a call at 435-538-3402 today.


Memory Care Therapy & Activities for Seniors in St. George

Our team plans specialized therapies and activities that enrich cognitive stimulation, motivate social connections, and give residents a sense of accomplishment. Here are some of the expert-backed activities at Ovation Sienna Hills that have shown positive results:

  •     Tactile Therapy: To soothe anxiety, agitation, and boredom, we offer tactile activities based on sensory boxes, puzzles, and familiar objects.
  •     Art Therapy: Art can be fun and therapeutic. Arts and crafts allow residents to practice motor skills, express themselves, and enjoy the visual stimulation of art.
  •     Pets: According to research, pets have a calming effect on individuals with dementia and can help alleviate anxiety, depression, agitation, loneliness, and more.
  •     Aroma Connections: Smelling essential oils chosen by our team can also comfort residents and calm agitation.
  •     Group Activities: We combat loneliness in residents by planning group activities that bring neighbors together.
  •     Music Therapy: Listening to or playing music can inspire feelings of calm, as well as enhance memory.


Cost of Memory Care in St. George

Memory care is typically more expensive than other care levels because of the intricate and personalized care. For example, the cost of memory care includes specialized staff, individualized care programs, dementia-friendly floor plans, specific therapies and activities, and 24/7 monitoring.


What Is Included in the Monthly Fee?

At our Ovation Connections™ Memory Care, we provide an all-inclusive monthly fee that allows for residents with memory impairments to thrive. Besides our dementia-specific staff training, care programs, and more, all our memory care residents get access to:

  •     Assistance with daily tasks, including grooming, bathing, dressing, medication administration and eating
  •     Medical support as needed
  •     Emergency response system in each apartment with smart-home technology
  •     Chef-prepared meals at several available dining venues, including 1861, Miller’s, Bees Knees Bistro, and Starbucks
  •     Cultural, educational, and entertainment experiences
  •     Indoor pool with hot tub
  •     Full fitness center with equipment and exercise physiologist
  •     Weekly housekeeping and linen service
  •     Scheduled transportation
  •     All utilities, except telephone
  •     Cable and Wi-Fi
  •     Ovation Connect technology
  •     Maintenance and repairs
  •     Concierge services
  •     Trash removal


St. George Memory Care Apartments

Every memory care resident can enjoy the private sanctuary of a studio apartment. Our floor plans are roomy and stylish, which includes features to enhance safety for those with cognitive impairments. And when residents want to connect with others, they can easily engage with our community.


Powered by Smart-Home Technology

To keep residents feeling comfortable in their homes, every apartment includes smart-home technology, such as automated lighting, motion detectors, and an emergency response system. This technology allows residents to easily move around the apartment at night in case they get up and notifies our 24/7 monitoring system in case they require help.


The Value of Memory Care vs At-Home Care

Memory care offers both financial and emotional rewards to families. At our memory care residence, you can feel confident that your loved one is receiving world-class services, all included in your monthly fee. Amenities such as dining, individualized care, multi-sensory experiences, and cognitive-enhancing programs help your loved one live better with dementia.

In comparison, at-home memory care may be an option you are considering, but it doesn’t offer the same peace of mind. You may still worry about safety or feel unsure how to give your loved one enriching social and cognitive experiences on a daily basis. If you’re already experiencing caregiver burnout, at-home care may not even be a sustainable option.  


When Is the Right Time for Memory Care?

We understand that moving to a memory care community is a big decision. Here are some questions to ask about your family’s current situation.

  •     Is your loved one prone to wandering off?
  •     Are you concerned about his/her safety?
  •     Does your loved one worry about falling or being alone?
  •     Does your loved one feel isolated or lonely?
  •     Are you experiencing caregiver burnout?
  •     Is your loved one undergoing unexplained physical changes (such as gait, posture, mobility, and/or facial expressions)?
  •     Is your loved one often agitated and/or showing signs of behavioral changes?
  •     Is your loved one neglecting personal care?
  •     Are your loved one’s living conditions not clean or safe?

If you answer yes to one or more, your loved one may be a good candidate to join our memory care community and start enjoying the benefits of our safe, enriching environment.


How To Talk to Your Parents About Memory Care

It can be difficult to bring up the subject of memory care, especially if your loved one doesn’t remember previous conversations about it. We recommend working together with family members on addressing your concerns.. Be sure to listen and show that you care about his/her feelings and preferences.

In addition, it may help to visit a memory care community to get a feel for how it could benefit your loved one. This is also an opportunity to ask questions and get specific details about services and programs that may interest them.


Choosing the Right Memory Care Community

Choosing the right memory care is a big decision for those with dementia and their families—there are thousands of memory care communities across the United States, and each is unique. When choosing memory care for yourself or a loved one, there are four main factors to consider:

Team Members

When it comes to memory care, the community team members make all the difference. Take time and look for an Omaha memory care community with a highly trained, compassionate staff.


Amenities & Services

The memory care community of choice should provide amenities and services, engaging social activities, memorable culinary experiences, which all can help maintain a healthy, sharp mind, and high-quality life.


Location of Community

The best memory care communities have convenient locations that provide access to essential services and offer outdoor recreation spaces for community residents and family members when visiting.


Becoming a Memory Care Resident in St. George

As you consider memory care options, get to know Ovation Connections™ Memory Care residence. You can get started by scheduling a personal visit to see our community firsthand and discuss your loved one’s needs with our team.

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St. George Memory Care FAQs

What’s the difference between memory care and assisted living?

Memory care is specifically designed for residents with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Our community includes an array of amenities and services to engage in enrichment activities, promote social connections, and keep residents safe. Memory care is highly comprehensive and involves staff specialized in dementia.

In comparison, assisted living is for residents who need help with daily tasks, including grooming, bathing, and eating. They usually will get assistance at certain times of day, but otherwise enjoy their time independently.


Does your community have an open door policy for family members?

Yes, family and friends are welcome to visit at any time. While we hope you’ll reach out in advance so we can coordinate the best visit time for your loved one. Our doors are always open.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Memory Care Facility?

The term “memory care facility” is an outdated one. We now refer to these as “memory care communities” to more accurately describe their comfortable, homelike environment. These communities provide intensive, specialized care for those living with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. Although there's an emphasis on safety, security and support, residents can flourish with a range of programs and activities that provide cognitive stimulation and social engagement.

Does Medicare Cover Memory Care Communities?

If your family member is a Medicare beneficiary, Medicare will pay for some healthcare costs, but not any housing costs. You can get broader coverage with a Medigap supplement policy or if you have Medicaid.

Medicare Part D helps pay for most standard Alzheimer’s medications. Medicare Supplemental Insurance can cover a wider range of medications and co-pays.

Standard Medicare covers up to 100 days of skilled nursing care, usually following a hospital visit. During late-stage Alzheimer’s, Medicare will pay for additional services, with the greatest coverage provided by a Medigap plan. Medicare has an all-inclusive hospice benefit that covers care in a skilled nursing facility for those with less than six months to live.

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